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You go at your own path to efinio career goal - we support you. A milestone in our education and training is to establish the training center today efinio. It stands for any further qualification measures - from seminars to training on the job, from coaching to e-learning.

Whether as employees or customers efinio page: The efinio training center promotes individual and practice-oriented. We rely on a competent external experts and corporate trainers. Through continuous evaluation, we provide a practical orientation of the content provided safely.

We will train you further in the following areas:

Expertise (eg, CAD training, project management, negotiation techniques,
Candidate interviews)
Personal competence (leadership)
Social skills (communication skills)
Methodological skills

In addition to specific training we offer our employees various programs for their career.

Talent management

efinio the assessment center, in which the objective is to uncover your personal strengths and show you your potential for development.

In various exercises, analyzing a qualified team of staff developers and managers your skills in the areas of "work and performance skills," "problem solving skills" and "social competence". At the end of the AC day you know your strengths and areas of learning. You know how you use your best strengths and work on your areas of learning can.


The Development Program provides funding agencies of various levels of hierarchy, a clear perspective for further development. Components of the program are self-reflection, feedback and core themes of leadership and management.

Leadership program for high potentials
Deputy Project Manager or Account Manager ready for the position of project manager. Project manager of a small team and be prepared for the guidance of a larger team.

The development program includes all employees with a potential for a leadership role or a leadership role at a higher than the current hierarchy level and refers to the functional areas of sales, technology, back office.


When you get efinio sufficient opportunity to do so, because here you are sitting directly on the pulse. Our engineers are already developing, which is subject tomorrow.

Name Favourable technology leaders from across Europe as



specifying the desired direction.

They rely on our expertise when it comes to innovative solutions in the development and programming of electronic components or professional support in the field of mechanical and electrical design and let us therefore participate directly in their progress. Become a part of this success story!


Engineering changes that is not just a slogan but a living philosophy that made efinio over the years into a recognized European know-how partner for car drivers, mechanical engineers and traffic engineers.
Our customers are demanding - we are too. The ongoing education and training of employees is very important to us. Finally, we want our clients feel well looked after by the staff efinio: namely, across the board - from brainstorming to finished product.

Efinio Training Center

The efinio engineers deliver quality - we deliver the appropriate expertise. In the multi-week basic training courses are especially common on fallow CAD systems like Pro E, Unigraphics or CATIA on the program.

CAD-Training Center

Continuing education is a matter of course at efinio.

The CAD training
efinio give practical current CAD knowledge you can immediately use in your everyday work. The professional training will be conducted by competent, experienced practitioners and are

• individual
• efficient

CAD programs - The right tools for efficiency and success

CAD programs are the foundation of our daily work. The training covers all areas of the software and attaches great importance to practical applications. This will be in a position to participate effectively in demanding engineering and design projects, get involved. Extensive training accompanying documents will enable the further deepening of learning.

The following CAD systems are in use at efinio for the mechanical construction:


The following CAD systems are used for electronic design:


This comprehensive package for complete beginners learn all system-related foundations that are required to work independently with the CAD program is required. You get to know the full power potential of the software and acquire the ability to apply your knowledge effectively and purposefully.
Duration: 25 training days

Extension Training

Want the expansion is aimed at training experienced designers who want to deepen individual modules or re-integrate into their workflow. This focused training will help in the daily business to be more effective and more targeted, thus reducing construction costs.
Duration: 10 training days


Want this training is aimed at experienced engineers that take advantage of special and expansion modules, the full potential of their CAD software even better and raise their standard construction continues.
Duration: will be agreed individually


This intensive training will specifically address your needs and topics. Tailored to your schedule and your individual training progress, we agree together individual training modules. The intensive support by qualified coaches will ensure that your CAD skills in an effective way to increase still further.
Duration: will be agreed individually

Free-form training

In this special training packages for CATIA, Unigraphics and Pro E, we provide the creation of high quality, aesthetically pleasing free-form geometries. The course teaches the use of curves and surfaces necessary functions and thus enables the qualitative and quantitative assessment of free-form surfaces.
Duration: 5 training days

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