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It goes without saying that continuing education at efinio is self-evident! For efinio schooling and continuing education in soft skills as well as in technical skills are inseparably tied together.
Based on agreements between employees and their managers we plan and implement trainings, workshops and coaching activities according to individual needs. Aside from education and training, our methods aim at promoting methodical, social as well as managerial abilities.

At the start of your career at efinio you receive intensive basic training which lasts for two months. During this time you will familiarize yourself extensively with software programs that were developed by us: and efinio.kom.

Beyond that, training programs allow for more continuing and advanced schooling.

Here is a short list of the efinio continuing education program:

• Sales and marketing training
• Management training program
• Sales strategy coaching

Sales and marketing training

All those, who have gained their first experiences after finishing a business or technical education and who see their future in sales and marketing, in the technical customer service field or in another service oriented position, will do well in our sales and marketing program.

Engineers who have a talent for sales can find a further career opportunity in sales and marketing. You will focus on acquisition of new projects and clients. You will analyze the needs and the technical and economical requirements of our clients and align them with our capabilities. With periodic training we will coach you in your sales and marketing skills and your business expertise.

Sales strategy coaching

The success of sales talks depend to a large extend on how well the sales person is versed in sales presentation techniques and sales psychology.

The sales strategy coaching allows you to present efinio products in your sales talks convincingly and sell them with great success. Here the training conveys effective know-how through rhetorical and sales psychological techniques and tips. This enables you to fine-tune your already sound tools and will make it even easier for you to present our products yet more convincingly and sell them even more successfully in future.

The following content will be offered in detail:

• Goal setting as a prerequisite for success in sales
• Essentials for successful selling
• Customer orientation
• Sales presentation technique
• The optimal preparation and follow-up of the sales talk
• Spark the client’s interest with a motivating opening
• Argumentation and persuasion techniques
• Conducting price negotiations successfully
• Analyzing and clearing up objections convincingly
• Detecting buyer-readiness and reacting correctly
• How to close the deal

Senior management program

The goal of senior management development at efinio is the methodical and custom-fitted promotion and further development for our senior managers. In these programs special attention is put on a high degree of practical experience and the participants receive, aside from effective methods and tools for their managerial functions, also the possibility for personality development.

The development program for senior management consists of a number of modules:

• Self motivation
• Conflict management
• Conducting precise appraisal interviews
• Time management
• Controlling
• Body language and rhetoric
• Motivating employees

The main emphasis of the program is created and personalized in a joint discussion. Thus an optimal result is achieved.

„A discussion is always as good as the feeling that it leaves the dialog partners with!“

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