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Software development in automotive engineering

The efinio software experts are developing electronic systems for control devices for electric drives of tailgates or doors. Through simulation of mechatronic systems, we model concepts for electronic control units and develop them in preparation for use in standard vehicles and also for special-purpose vehicles and exhibits. Furthermore efinio adapts existing systems to new applications, performs control unit parameterization, carries out SW updates or creates diagnostic interfaces. Moreover, specific inspection and testing is performed on electronic control units, electric and electronic systems or complete vehicles. To ensure the functions of individual electronic components and their linkage to the complete system, our performance range is completed by the configuration and operation of networking companies to handle startup, troubleshooting and model refinement for vehicular electric platforms. We offer the complete spectrum from system design, through system implementation and the performance of all necessary tests, to the launch of the product. This enables efinio to take on the complete handling of a project - like the Ford Visos. About 90 percent of all innovations in motor vehicles are now made possible by electronics and software. The increasing complexity of electronic systems makes the intensive study of electrics and electronics essential. efinio engineers therefore invest heavily in this area to further expand its capacities and skills.

On our list of projects you will find many varied examples of successful efinio client projects.

Software development in production plant design

efinio hardware and software engineers are implementing programming solutions for control systems and production plants. SPS systems from Siemens, Moeller and B & R you can presuppose. For time-critical applications micro controller systems for assemblies and system modules are programmed in assembler (PIC-series, Intel, Zilog, Atmel and Infineon circuits). The programming languages C, C++ are the basis of our complex SW development. For the development of assemblies and SPS control systems we utilize proven CAD systems like WSCAD and AutoCAD for documentation.

On our list of projects you will find many varied examples of successful efinio client projects.

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